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Russell Brand spreads the word of abstinence-based recovery!

Russell Brand’s long awaited BBC3 documentary, From Addiction to Recovery, aired last night proving to be a massive hit as 500,000 viewers across the UK tuned in.

His message was clear, concise and refreshing – abstinence-based recovery works for addicts. He went further by saying:”giving methadone to addicts is like rearranging the furniture on the Titanic.“ Brand went on to urge people to understand that addiction is an illness to be treated with compassion and altruism. The comedian cleverly used his humour to address serious issues that are often misunderstood across society.

Brand pondered what is the solution to substance misuse? It was apparent through Brand’s investigation that there is not one definitive answer. However, one thing that was clear is that substituting one drug for another does not treat the underlying issues of the people affected.

It seems there is a lot of confusion about how to treat people who are affected by this illness. Prisons without any treatment are useless – they are seen to be punishing people without giving any compassion or solutions to their problems. Methadone is criticised by some for being not only a waste of money but potentially making the problem worse. As Russell put it: ”methadone is like putting a plaster over a broken soul.” The solution therefore is not swapping, maintaining or controlling substances, whether legal or illegal, rather it is abstinence!

Footage of the late Amy Winehouse reinforced the seriousness of addiction and how it can affect anyone, at any age. Aged 27 when she died, Amy was the same age as Russell when he found recovery. Thankfully, Russell managed to grasp a new life without substances by entering a twelve step abstinence-based treatment centre. 

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