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Is there such a thing as bad PR? Not if you’re on the X Factor!

We at Refresh PR can’t help being a little cynical about Louis Walsh’s criticism of Cher Lloyd this week. It is the run up to the final, after all. By branding her a ‘brat’ because she’s already acting like a star and predicting that she’ll be first to go from this week’s final, Louis has been very clever in riling the UK’s Cher fans, adding fuel to the fire of her critics, and guaranteeing headlines in the nationals and on broadcast and social media channels in the lead up to the X Factor’s biggest night of the year.

This got us thinking, is there such a thing as bad publicity? It seems that when it comes to X Factor, the answer is a definite ‘no.’ By admitting that Cher is very watchable but would be a nightmare to manage, he’s reaffirming the very reasons we either love or hate her, and ensuring the fingers of journalists and bloggers up and down the country are continuing to pound those keyboards. Which means that we keep talking about it, keep watching it, and keep downloading performances from YouTube, even if we don’t like the performer or just fancy a laugh.

The X Factor’s publicity team is certainly playing a good PR game. You can’t open a gossip mag, women’s glossy or newspaper without reading about the latest from the X Factor camp or having the mags’ stylists dissecting the contestants’ outfits, hair and make-up, and you definitely can’t listen to or watch a news broadcast without Cheryl or Dannii’s dulcet tones gracing our airwaves and screens with a prediction for who’ll be voted off next. It does seem a little sad, though, that the X Factor’s PR team does little to prevent the media from continuing to run the ‘hate’ campaigns against individual contestants like Katie Waissel, Wagner and Danyl Johnson that have sprung up in recent years. Perhaps as long as there are headlines involved, all’s fair in love and PR.

On a lighter note, the Refresh PR team cannot WAIT for the final this weekend. We’re a bit ashamed to admit it, but we want One Direction to win. Who are you supporting?

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