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Regeneration and Retrofitting in Manchester

Refresh PR specialises in built environment PR. From student accommodation and flooring, to plumbing and glazing, we have more than 30 years combined experience. 

As a Manchester based PR agency, we have witnessed the city’s regeneration over recent years, and it is something that interests us immensely. Yesterday we were lucky enough to attend the UKGBC (UK Green Building Council) Regeneration and Retrofit Task Group Report launch in Manchester, where a panel of industry experts from Clarion Housing Group, SmartKlub, UKGBC, GMCA and DCLG touched on different elements of regeneration in the housing market.

One important element of the talks was regarding the Government’s prioritisation of regenerating some of the most deprived areas in the country in order to improve levels of employment, health, connectivity and fuel poverty, as well as crime and antisocial behaviour levels. Whilst demolition and rebuild may work for some regeneration schemes, it will not be viable, wanted or appropriate for all and so retrofitting can be the best solution.

Some of the benefits of regeneration and retrofit discussed were:

Upskilling the community

Although one problem with retrofit regeneration, particularly in terms of energy efficiency, is the lack of trained workers available, this present the opportunity to upskill people. Often initiated in areas with a higher unemployment rate, the scheme hopes to train members of the community to complete the jobs, leaving a long term legacy. This will not only improve the immediate locality, but leaves long term benefits to the wider community.  

Representation of the community

Rather than tell a community what will be happening to their homes, the scheme works with householders to implement a scheme that will benefit their day-to-day lives. This generates a sense of ownership and encourages pride within the community, meaning the developments are more likely to be maintained and invested in further.

Zero carbon targets

The scheme works towards the government’s carbon targets to reduce emissions by 57% between 1990 and 2030. By installing a range of energy efficient upgrades, such as ground source heat pumps, solar panels and cavity wall insulation, the regeneration will aid in reaching governmental targets.

Whilst retrofitting upgrades into pre-existing properties are important, it is paramount that new developments, currently in construction stage, are designed and built to be zero carbon. Whilst it is difficult to execute, for example ground source heat pumps cannot be zero carbon until the footprint of the electricity grid is improved, implementing this technology at build stage will mean there is a reduced need for expensive retrofit schemes 10 years down the line.

To read the full executive summary, click here

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