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COVID-19 - an update from Refresh

We wanted to keep you updated on the measures we’ve put in place to ensure we continue to provide our clients with the best service - while keeping our team fit and healthy at the same time. 


Here to support you


Refresh is still fully operational and here to help brands and businesses wherever we can. Luckily, we work in a sector where we can do 99.9% of our jobs remotely and in the first week of full isolation, things are going well.


We’ve spent much of the past two weeks advising our clients on how best to communicate with customers, clients, stakeholders and the media during this time.


We’ve also prioritised being agile with the PR plans we have in place for clients, knowing that not all of these will be able to stay as they are in current circumstances. We’ve always prioritised collaboration, transparency and flexibility at our core, and now more than ever we’re working with clients to ensure the work we’re doing for them is the right thing.


If you need help keeping your clients or team informed - whether that’s through social media, blogs, eShots, media relations or internal comms - or want to chat about how you can make the most of your PR and marketing in these times, do let us know.    


New ways of working 


The safety and wellbeing of the Refresh team is our biggest priority, so we’ve worked hard over the past week to ensure all of them have the tools in place to allow them to work fully remotely.


While we’re used to a level of remote working, being completely remote is a new way of working for us – and who knows how long it will last? So, we’re trying to avoid seeing it as a temporary thing, and ensuring our colleagues have all the information and tools to be able to do a great job, safely, for the foreseeable future.


We’re also constantly thinking about new ways to run sessions such as workshops and strategy sessions that we’d usually host face to face. It’s probably going to be a while until we can run face to face meetings again, so we’ve got to work towards that ‘new normal’.  It’s definitely keeping our brains going.


Communication remains key


As PR professionals, communication obviously remains top of our list.


A lack of face to face meetings means we’re working even harder to keep our relationships between our team and with our clients flourishing.


Internally, we’re having an all agency Zoom call every morning so we can update team members on vital information, share our plans for the day and talk about any pain points or opportunities. We’re also holding creative ideas sessions on Zoom – maybe with a beer if it’s on a Friday afternoon to keep creativity going and morale up!


Externally, we’re prioritising regular calls and Zoom chats in line with what our clients need.


More practically, our office landline has been diverted to our PR Consultant, Ash, so she’ll be able to direct you to the correct person should you call the office line. Otherwise, use our mobile numbers at the bottom of our email signatures.


The future: who knows?


I think it’s safe to say that no one knows what the future holds right now. But we’re comfortable in knowing that we have plans and processes in place to deal with all eventualities.  


We’ve always said one of the main traits of a great PR professional is resilience and the past few days have definitely put that to the test! We know that the next few weeks, months and even years will be a challenge for most businesses, so if we can help you at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch! 0161 871 1188.




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