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A week in the life of a self-isolating PR

In the past week, our working lives have had total upheaval. At Refresh, we started fully working from home at the start of this week and it’s safe to say, we’re fully in the swing of things. PR lends itself to remote working. Whether we’re on a press trip, meeting with clients or at an event, we’re never sat behind a desk all day so we’ve already got the infrastructure required to transition quite smoothly into remote working. But, we have had to be much more agile and responsive on behalf of our clients. Carry on reading if you want to see what a week in the life of a self-isolating PR looks like.

Day one

Normally I’d catch up on the latest news on the tram on the way in to work, but this morning I made the most of WFH and did it whilst having a coffee in my garden - much prefer this option. The entire team working from home is still a bit of a novelty so I get ready, check my emails and then we have our daily Zoom catch up. It’s important to maintain a ‘team identity’ when working from home and by the afternoon we’re all fully immersed in work so first thing in the morning makes better sense for us.

I then spend the day on calls with all of my clients talking about how their business objectives might have changed due to Coronavirus, how they’re planning to navigate the next few months and just see how they’re doing. Rather than rigidly stick with the PR plans we’ve already put in place, we look at ways we can maximise their comms campaigns. With online traffic up so much, it’s agreed that digital PR and strong content campaigns will work well for a lot of our clients at the moment. With this in mind, the teams review what work now needs to be done and delegate the work accordingly. This is one of the most important traits of working in PR…being able to pivot!

With new plans in place, it’s time to browse Twitter for any relevant #Journorequests we can jump on and I spend my evening DMing journos. A PR’s day never ends.

Final thought of the day: loo roll.

Day two

As usual (or as usual as can be): wake up, headlines, get ready and Zoom. We have numerous clients than can comment on people working from home so I draft copy and send it over for approval. Once approved, the team gets these issued to the key journalists we have been chatting to on Twitter.
A coverage search sees regional papers have covered a story we issued towards the back end of last week. It seems journalists want positive, non-Corona based people stories which is good to see.

One of our clients wants to commission market research so I spend half an hour on the phone talking to one of our partners about potential questions. We discuss the positives of working from home and the potential of people being less wasteful now. In all honesty, it’s nice to talk to someone about positives that can come from a really rubbish situation. We get the research questions sorted and agree that we both deserve lunch. I decide to take a walk and get some fresh air. It works wonders and between that and my daily ration of a can of Diet Coke, I feel ready to take on the afternoon and spend the next few hours looking at Refresh’s new biz plans.

Day three

I’m slowly starting to descend into the madness of not socialising so first thing this morning I arrange a ‘House Party’ hang out tonight with my friends. Usually they’d involve prosecco and bowls of crisps but this will all be done via the House Party app from the comforts of our own homes – 21st century living!
After our catch up, I plan a three-month content campaign for one of our clients. There’s loads of great content we can be going out with and now is the perfect time to spend planning and pre-drafting this.

Today, I eat lunch with my boyfriend. We haven’t got sick of each other yet but I’m taking every day as it comes. We have two satsumas left and we savour them. Not sure when we’ll be able to get another.

I spend the afternoon looking at Refresh’s social and online content. All of the team agrees blog posts we’ll draft and come up with social ideas – this was when our WFH bingo was created. I also have a half hour catch up with our account director, Lucy, to talk about clients and how the team is getting on WFH. That cheers me up no end and makes me feel a bit more human.

Day four

Usual start to the day and then an important catch up with the Heating Installer Awards team. Refresh owns the awards and we usually announce the annual winners at the trade show, Installer. The show has been postponed so we come up with some new exciting ways we navigate around this and we’re all getting very excited. We schedule a call with the organisers of the show to talk through the plans – we can’t wait to get the ball rolling on this!

This afternoon I use Google Trends to see what the most popular search terms are at the moment. I mean, I could’ve guessed this but sometimes it throws out a good nugget and this time it didn’t disappoint. I jump on it and let the client know we have an opportunity to comment. Unfortunately, sign off isn’t looking likely given the current situation but we agree to keep looking out for items we can comment on, like this.

I realise that I’m running very low on coffee, milk and other essentials. Don’t know how I do it, but I manage to get an Ocado order in. I reward myself with nachos and Netflix.

We have one more day of self-isolation left this working week and I’m more than ready to start the weekend. A self-isolated weekend, but a weekend non-the-less. 

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