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We’ve been rated!

“When you find an Agency which far exceeds your expectations, hang on to them!” – a Refresh PR client (August 2011).


Last month we decided to ask our clients what they thought of Refresh PR.   They didn’t have to tell us though, instead they filled in a questionnaire and told the experts directly (and anonymously).  We’re delighted to report that, thanks to the testimonials given, we are now on the UK-wide Recommended Agency Register (RAR).


RAR covers every aspect of the UK marketing sector. It provides online searchable information free of charge to brand owners looking for agencies and has a team of specialist agency selection professionals who assist brand owners on an individual level, using the wealth of information contained in its database.


We’ve just received the comments and, having truly put our money where our mouth is, are delighted with what we’ve read: Refresh PR team


“Refresh PR always goes beyond the call of duty to understand the industry within which they are working, the key drivers, impending changes and trends.  They always strike a good balance between allowing client input but also bringing new and innovative ideas to projects. I work with Refresh on a range of PR activities and find they always give value add and more importantly get results.”


“We have been working with Refresh for the past six months, so far they have exceeded our expectations on every level. We have consulted on our advertising direction, award entries, press liaising, social media voice and they have also managed to secure a fantastic company profile in the trade press.”


“The brand I am promoting has featured in several articles with positive feedback. They have assisted with my preparation for the Autumn Fair International 2011 and have been extremely supportive in my new venture.”


“Refresh PR have worked hard since we started working with them to understand our sector, hit their targets and maintain and develop relationships with media contacts. They are a friendly agency who are easy to work with and have a lot of experience in their field.”


We received a rating of 100% for creativity, 100% for on budget and 99% for client service...and we’re all wondering how our heads are going to fit through the exit of Piccadilly House tonight now!


We’d like to send out a MASSIVE thanks to all our clients who took time out from their busy days to fill in the questionnaire.  We appreciate it a lot and it’s spurred us on even more.


For more information about the RAR visit our new profile, which recommends us for Public Relations Services, at


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The Looters Will Never Win In Manchester

The Looters Will Never Win In Manchester

Yesterday, Tuesday 9th August 2011, will go down as one of the saddest days in Manchester’s history as our city was torn apart by idiotic and mindless youths.  Throughout the day tension was building in the city centre, the police presence grew and by the time it hit home time it was clear that you needed to leave. 

Here in the Refresh PR offices, we were shocked to see riot vans and hear continuous sirens ringing out as we left our office in Piccadilly Gardens.  The disorder was something that seemed to descend quickly and when it did it was uncontrollable, and we were wise to get out.

The rest of the night was spent glued to the news channels as it soon reached us that one incident after another was occurring.  It was with disbelief and devastation that we saw stores on Market Street set alight, shop windows smashed and goods stolen.  Then Deansgate was the next victim as looters ransacked stores and stole items, fearless of police and chasing camera crews and reporters as they ran through the streets. 

Social media played an enormous part in monitoring the riots.  On Twitter we had a constant feed of events, from local news channels, radio stations, eyewitnesses, Manchester council and even the GMP.  Some claim it was adding fuel to the fire, and that this encouraged the looters to gather and grow in numbers, but its clear these youths were set on destruction and Twitter was purely a medium with which to communicate.  On the other hand, we have seen the clean-up efforts take over Twitter today as the main form of communication between the people of Manchester who turned up in Piccadilly Gardens early this morning to clear up last night’s damage and destruction.

The trends on twitter over the past two days have revolved around the riots that have swept through the country since the weekend.  Early yesterday we were tweeting #londonriots and #prayforlondon but as the looters moved through the country the trends changed and today it is #manchesterriots and #manchestercleanup.  It was surprising, and not to mention disappointing to see people tweeting with obvious ignorance towards the country’s current turmoil.  Nobody wants to read a tweet about how somebody has broken a nail, or decided to bake a cake, particularly when their city is being targeted by rioters.  Do they not have the same anger and devastation that the rest of us have at this behaviour?

I awoke with a heavy heart at the thought of seeing our city in a state of ruin, but as we arrived in work early this morning at Refresh PR, we walked through the streets of Piccadilly to observe the damage and it was obvious that there had already been a mass clean-up operation by Manchester City Council.  The smashed windows and shops that had been set alight were already boarded up and being guarded by police.  The Twitter organised #manchestercleanup started at 9am, with passers by carrying sweeping brushes ready to get stuck in.

Today, there is a sense of determination amongst the people of Manchester that the youths who were set on smashing up our city will never win.  There is resilience in the air, between the workers passing in the street, the volunteers who have turned up to Piccadilly, sweeping brush in hand, and the police that are guarding the streets.  We are a community, which has been tested and confronted with the shocking fact that there were 200 looters in our city last night. 

The disgusting behaviour of these people has brought the true people of Manchester together.  We have seen images today of people clearing the streets dressed in ‘I Love Manchester’ t-shirts, and with the words painted on their faces.  McDonalds and Kro Bar in the centre, which both had windows smashed last night, brought out food and drinks to the volunteers as they worked together to bring some peace back to our city.

We should stand proud today as we see the people of Manchester come together with the police to fix our broken city and to find the looters and rioters that tried to destroy it.  The real people of Manchester that work hard and love their city are together as one today.           

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Girls On Film...Again

What with the move to our new offices and our recent client wins hitting the headlines, we’re getting a little bit used to having our photo taken in the Refresh PR office these days! So when last Wednesday arrived, we came to work ready to ‘strike a pose’ for another photo shoot, this time for the RBS World magazine. 

As you can imagine, with this came just a little bit of pressure, and the morning flew by in a haze of mild panic as the arrival time of the photographer grew closer.  I unfortunately experienced  a ‘dress disaster’ in the middle of this, that resulted in a mad dash in heels through Piccadilly for a mini sewing kit, and let me tell you that trying to thread the world’s tiniest needle with the world’s tiniest thread to remedy a wardrobe malfunction isn’t the easiest thing to do when time is against you!  But, ever the professionals here at Refresh PR, when the photographer arrived we were ready for our close ups….

Refresh PR was asked to take part in the photo shoot by the NatWest, as we have recently been working closely with NatWest Business Manager and Women in Business ambassador, Gemma Kirby.  Gemma joined us for a full day in the office to conduct a case study on our business and observe how we work, to enable her to better advise us on the most appropriate banking services for our organisation.  She chose us from a portfolio of 500 customers because she wanted to experience life at a growing start-up.

 We put Gemma to good use, and had her on the phones calling nationals and magazine editors pitching in story ideas and products - she did a fantastic job, and was a great asset to the team.  It was enlightening working with Gemma and hearing her feedback on our work; she introduced us to the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business networking group, which RBS sponsors, and fully supports what we do at Refresh PR.  As a relationship manager for the bank, Gemma is always keen to promote us to her other customers, which speaks volumes both about our services and about how well we are supported by the bank and our business manager.

We had a great time on the shoot, and the photographer Anthony McArdle was brilliant to work with.  He shot some fantastic images of us, both in the office and walking through Piccadilly Gardens – Sex and the City style!   We definitely provided the entertainment for the passers-by in Piccadilly that day!  It was a lot of fun, and it’s always reassuring to know that as Refresh PR grows, we have the backing of the RBS. We’ve gained some great contacts as a result…and some fabulous photos to go with it too!


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