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Do you have what it takes to impress us?

Times have been tough for graduates in recent years, with many reporting how difficult it’s been to secure work experience in an economy that has pulled back on outgoings and any unnecessary resources.

However, on the flip slide you could argue that businesses have been looking for fresh talent in order to ‘grow their own’ instead of paying high salaries to new recruits with years of experience.

Either way, opportunities have always been out there for graduates with the right attitude and work ethic to make their mark on their chosen industry, but at Refresh PR we’re finding that so many are falling at the first hurdle for a number of reasons.

So, in the interest of guiding potential PR graduates who may be looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, we’ve created a simple guide to help aid the process…

1.       Make a good first impression: you’d be surprised how many people who want to work in the world of words can’t structure an email correctly. Please don’t use three different fonts and colours – we can spot a cut and paste job a mile off!

2.       Know who you’re speaking to: again, it’s startling how many emails we receive addressed to other PR agencies. Nearly every company these days has a website, so there’s no excuse not to do your research beforehand. The personal touch can go a long way

3.       Be flexible: if you’re offered an interview, try and be prompt with your response and be as accommodating as possible

4.       Don’t fluff up your CV: we’re all guilty of exaggerating a few points on our CVs, but you will be asked questions in an interview about your experience so it’s important that you can back it up. Remember, we work in PR so we’re good at reading between the lines :)

5.       Grammar, grammar, grammar: it’s likely we’ll ask you to complete a quick writing task so ensure you’re up the job and know your commas from your semi-colons

See, it’s not too difficult to impress, you just need to think about the process, be friendly and have a great work ethic!

If you think you’re up for the challenge, please email me your CV along with a covering email to:

Please note, the role on offer is a work experience placement, not a full-time role.

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New Beginnings

The rain has held off today and this week continues to be a sunny one, as I have finished my first few days as part of the Refresh PR team.
It is certainly true that Refresh is a ‘refreshing’ PR agency to work with. I have already witnessed a very hardworking and professional, yet personable, team in action and I have been welcomed warmly.

I am certainly looking forward over the next few weeks and months to getting involved at the agency, and working with a fantastic set of clients, being set new challenges and learning PR skills from a new perspective.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working the PR and digital industry over the past two years, and I am keen to further my skills at this flourishing agency at the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

To introduce myself as a new Refresher here’s some facts about me:

- Digital PR geek
It’s perhaps sad, but true, I love the digital side of PR – whether it’s Google Analytics, Social Media or using other tools such as Majestic SEO. I have previously worked with a number of digital clients and I find whole industry extremely fascinating, and I look forward to using my digital skills at Refresh!  

- I love music
From Techno to Beyoncé- I am a big music fan. I can play a number of instruments too. I like to keep up with what’s new in the music industry, but I am not afraid to admit I have some guilty pleasures too (Justin Timberlake!) I try and go to festivals and music gigs throughout the year, and most recently I have attended Manchester’s Parklife festival, seen Prince live at the Phones 4 U arena, and been to The Libertines reunited gig at Hyde Park. 

- I like to explore
Whether it’s a new restaurant, venue or holiday destination – I love to explore and widen my horizons.  I am looking forward to exploring Manchester’s North Quarter where the Refresh office is based and seeing what’s going on around the area.

If you would like to find out more, you can follow me on twitter here: @emilylucy

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