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Online networking? Offline is for me please

Refresh PR spends a lot of time doing work online for clients, whether on Facebook, twitter, blogs or gaining PR coverage online.  I had a morning last week where I sat for three hours without actually speaking to anyone out loud - but 'chatting' to lots of people on behalf of clients online instead.


I had experienced the exact opposite the week before - a week with a networking event on every day, from a North West Business Insider conference and Institute of Directors' breakfast seminar to a publishing company's event. 


It got me thinking about the power of online vs offline interaction and networking.  It may be my age, but I came to the conclusion that online can never replace the value that people put on face-to-face meetings.  People buy people at the end of the day - and although online is a big part of life for everyone nowadays - there are some very powerful forums out there in addition to sites such as Linked In - there's no replacement for picking up the phone and talking to someone and going out and meeting them in person.


So I'm thankful that there are so many opportunities in Manchester to network.  Whether it's the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Institute of Directors, the Chartered Institute of PR, the MPA, Thirsty Thursday or even my latest committee venture the Professional Institute's Forum (known locally as PIF!), there is no excuse and no reason why we shouldn't be out there networking and meeting other like minded people - and who knows, some potential new clients too.  Every city should have these groups - I think we're extremely lucky in Manchester to have such choice.  There are many, many more groups out there, and we'll be encouraging everyone who joins Refresh PR to get out and about and become active members.  I can't (and don't want to) imagine a world without it.

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