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A day in the life of Refresh PR

This week, one of our lovely clients spent two days with us learning all about PR. Here’s what she had to say about her experience…

A day (or two) in the life of Refresh PR

This week I was lucky enough to gain some experience working with the Refresh PR team. With a predominantly in-house marketing background, I was interested to see how agency work differs; in terms of structuring accounts, their priorities and to see where the marketing and PR disciplines cross over!

About the team

Nestled in the heart of Manchester, the Refresh office is a hive of activity all on its own. Structured into two main teams, Refresh works with companies spanning both B2B and B2C markets. As well as being a really friendly and welcoming team, they really know their stuff and are definitely a well-oiled machine when it comes to all things PR.

Why did I want to gain experience in PR?

I wanted to get a greater understanding about what PR is and what it involves day-to-day. I’m ashamed to say that, for me, the the difference between marketing and PR hasn’t always been clear. After spending some time with the team, I now understand that PR acts as the fundamental mouthpiece of a brand. Working in PR is ultimately a customer facing role, and it can be an extremely rewarding vocation when you are creating content that the target audience enjoys to engage with.

As well as defining PR, I wanted more insight into how an agency works. As a third year university student currently on a 12-month placement, I have only experienced working within a small marketing department, where we each work on our own projects whilst working towards overall goals for the business; such as increasing product sales or growing consumer engagement online, to name just a few.

From just a couple of days in the world of Refresh, I’ve witnessed a whole host of activity behind the scenes: juggling accounts, meeting deadlines, being at the forefront of the news as it lands, all whilst maintaining a relationship with the audience and delivering results for many different clients.

What are some of the things I got to do whilst being here?

Over the two days I got to try my hand at a few key activities with the team:

-          “Creative Club” – a monthly session at Refresh PR which brings the team together to share learnings and encourage creativity. This month’s discussion was on how to consistently create sharp, engaging posts for online audiences.

Social media is a great platform for free and easy communication. However, that’s not all it’s good for. One of the key takeaways from this discussion, for me, is that social media is ultimately about creating an online personality – all whilst sat behind a screen! In the words of Caroline Gibson, Head of Consumer, “people want to talk to people”.

-          Drafting social media content – with our discussion in mind, I had a go at drafting some Twitter content for Refresh’s Apprentice of the Month campaign

This task is harder than it seems. Producing engaging, informative content is a fine art - something that Refresh is a dab hand at - you can tell by just listening to their office banter!


Overall I’ve really enjoyed my short stay at Refresh PR, it’s definitely been a worthwhile experience. The team couldn’t have been more welcoming, and thanks to them I can now confidently say that I understand key differences between marketing and PR! Not only that, but I also understand how integral it is to have the two disciplines working together in order to create a truly successful brand image. Agency work is a fast-paced lifestyle that is both exciting and rewarding, and Refresh’s contagious energy is something I look forward to keeping with me – with whatever it is that I decide to do next.

Author: Steph Dewhurst, marketing assistant at Sentinel

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Manchester is wonderful

This Sunday is Manchester Day, a celebration of all the great things about this city. We will see the centre turned into a hub of activity with gigs, comedy shows, club nights and much more, including the annual Manchester Day parade.

We maybe slightly biased but we think Manchester is a great city. It’s literally got something for everyone whether you are wanting to sip on crazy cocktails at one of the city’s sky bars, or go hunting for the latest vintage shirt in one of Northern Quarter’s quirky shops. For the more cultured you can get lost wandering around the city’s museums, libraries and galleries.

There’s an abundance of things to do and see in this great city, not forgetting, we’re home to two of the country’s best football clubs, and our music is second to none! We literally are a city like no other.

Ahead of Manchester Day, team Refresh reflects on our favourite things about this beautiful city of ours.

Head of consumer, Caroline Gibson,

The thing I love most about Manchester is the music. From seeing Oasis at the old City ground when I was 18 to watching more recent bands, such as Blossoms, at venues like Sound Control and growing in popularity to selling out Albert Hall. The city seems to breed rock stars and there’s always a gig to go and see.

Account executive, Rebecca Wallace,

My favourite thing about Manchester is there is always something to do or see! I love trying new bars and restaurants, as well as finding a new brunch spot. Brunch is something that Manchester takes very seriously. My brunch recommendations would definitely be Federal, Home Sweet Home, Moose Coffee and Pen and Pencil.

Account executive, Emily Knight,

I’m not actually from Manchester, I’m from Morecambe and commute into the city every day, Manchester is my home away from home. My favourite thing to do here is shop. There’s an abundance of shops from designer and high street favourtives to little hidden boutiques and vintage shops. It’s such a great city to explore, the city spirit is truly unique.

B2B account director, Lucy Moore,

My favourite thing about Manchester is the music scene, the fact that so many legendary bands have come from here and you can see gigs in really cool venues every night of the week. I also love the general buzz of the city and the tech scene up here. 

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