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Glastonbury – The Ultimate PR Win

Last month I left my real life at Manchester PR agency, Refresh, behind to spend five nights sleeping in a tent, while getting up close and personal with thousands of people who hadn’t washed in a few days – that’s right, I went to Glastonbury.

Anyone who hasn’t made the pilgrimage to Worthy Farm may read that opening paragraph and shudder with dread, but those who have experienced the magic of Glastonbury will be nodding along, knowing that those things that would usually fill people with fear are all part of the experience.

Where else can you crawl down a rabbit hole and party with Brad Pitt (apparently he was there, although I didn’t see him), watch films in a fleet of vintage cars, see circus performers at 1am – not to mention the music?

From secret acts and unknown musicians to the Foo Fighters finally headlining the Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury offers something unique – which is why tickets can be harder to get your hands on than Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket.

And each year around October time there are newspaper articles about how the festival has sold out in record time, with countless fans turning to social media to complain if they were unsuccessful or to celebrate their excitement if they were one of the lucky ones.

And as a PR professional I can see why this record speed growth and demand is occurring – the ultimate PR coverage – the BBC!

Due to the BBC’s regulations, the corporation isn’t a PR’s best friend – they have to remain impartial and not to be seen to be advertising brands, yet they give unrivalled coverage to this incredible event each year.

Returning from Glastonbury you are greeted with friends and colleagues who tell you which sets they watched on TV and how they have to go next year. And of course, who wouldn’t be swayed when they see thousands of people singing along to rock anthems or disco classics in a place so unique, you can’t describe it to someone who hasn’t been. Even whispers of “I’ve been to other festivals” have Glastonbury veterans’ eyes rolling – it simply isn’t the same.

The BBC’s coverage captures this perfectly and is therefore the ultimate PR dream – radio, TV, on-demand service, online – a huge achievement for any creative campaign.

If we need to measure this impact, let’s check back in October 2018 and see if tickets take longer than 50 minutes to sell out. Watch this space…






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Refresh shortlisted for two Manchester PR Agency Awards

2016 was packed with award shortlists and wins and 2017 is looking to be just as busy. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for two of the MPA’s Inspiration Awards 2017. Our ‘Food Porn Awards’ campaign for STM Photography has been shortlisted for Best PR Agency Campaign (one of just four shortlisted campaigns), and we’ve also been shortlisted in the Small PR Agency of the Year category.


At Refresh, we pride ourselves on providing innovative and creative ideas that help our clients achieve their business objectives, whether they are in the B2B or consumer sectors. Our campaigns have won awards since the inception of Refresh PR and we are very proud that we have been recognised for this once again. The team at Refresh is incredibly passionate about our clients, their campaigns and the PR and communications industry itself, and this is reflected in the results achieved.


Celebrating the best agencies and campaigns within the creative, media, publishing and digital industries, the MPA Inspiration Awards champions creatively minded people, which is clear from the agencies shortlisted this year.


Good luck to all those shortlisted and we’ll see you at the awards ceremony in October!


Meanwhile, view the whole shortlist on the MPA website here 




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Advance your career with the award winning B2B team at Refresh PR

Refresh PR is a Manchester based PR agency located in fantastic space in the Northern Quarter.  We’re proud to be a fun, friendly team offering a more flexible approach to work.  As a fast-growing business, we can offer you the unique opportunity to quickly learn and progress your career.  What’s more, we’re dedicated to helping our people grow and achieve their potential through The Refresh Academy – a 6-month programme of structured training and development, created and delivered by experienced PR practitioners and expert trainers.  This unrivalled programme provides you with all the key skills that will help you to become highly effective and progress your career with Refresh PR.


We pride ourselves on our no-nonsense approach and our ability to get under the skin of our clients’ businesses.  Giving bold, strategic advice based on robust insight we deliver creative campaigns that drive consistent results. Our fast-growing client base ranges from cutting-edge business start-ups to national companies across both private and not for profit sectors. We pride ourselves on our unique approach and are industry recognised by the CMA’s and B2B Marketing Awards for our creative campaigns working with brands such as LG Electronics and Vaillant.


Due to a number of new business wins, we’re looking for confident and articulate people with a passion for B2B PR who will relish the chance to join our team at all levels.  You’ll be working on accounts across the construction, built environment, e-commerce, online tech, property and insurance sectors.  You’ll have already gained valuable PR agency or in-house experience with at least a year spent working in B2B PR.


More broadly, we’re looking for someone filled with energy and enthusiasm who is proactive, persistent and methodical in their approach with a real eye for detail.  You are considerate and supportive; a real team player with the ability to remain calm and considered when faced with new or pressurised situations. You’ll work closely with the rest of the B2B team to ensure we are delivering consistently for our clients, yet will be able to use initiative, working independently most of the time. 



Interested in applying or finding out more about the role? Send your CV to








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It’s all just politics

With a youth turnout of up to 72 per cent in last week’s election, head of consumer, Caroline Gibson explores what it was that engaged these millennials



At the age of 30 I can just about, at a push, squeeze myself into the millennial category – a demographic marketers and politicians alike are desperate to engage with.


As millennials, we rarely have brand loyalty, as there are so many to choose from and we often don’t respond to advertising messages – again, because we are bombarded with them. But when a brand does cut through and connect with us, then we can be really powerful.


We’re powerful because we share every aspect of our lives, we’re not afraid to tell our friends, followers and anyone else willing to listen what we’re doing, where we’re doing it and how great our life choices are. Social media is part and parcel of our day-to-day lives, nothing goes undocumented, which means when a millennial is loyal to your brand we are instantly a very powerful advocate.


With so much early confusion over the results of this week’s election, one outcome is clear. Today’s youth are re-engaged with politics. With 72 per cent of 18 – 24 year olds making their way to polls yesterday, we’ve seen a shift from previous elections, where roughly 40 per cent made their voice heard.


So what is it that caused this shift? Is it that news is so much more accessible to young people now – gaining access to an endless source of articles and manifestos at the touch of a button? With many newspapers having their own political agenda, the voting public, including millennials, no longer just have these as their source of information. Even social media helps to shape a person’s political alliances, as more and more people are expressing their views on the various channels.


Or is it lessons learnt from Brexit – where younger people were more likely to vote remain, but had the result go against them? When the results were announced a huge amount of coverage was given to the age demographic voting split. This example of not having our voice heard, could have spurred millennials to fight even harder for what they believe in this time around.


Or could it be that we simply care more today about the country we live in? With so much negativity in the press and the world around us – from political uncertainty and job shortages to terrorism and global warming – there has never before been a time when all of this is so front of mind, due to the endless sources of information. This information gives us a better understanding of the world we live in and how politics impacts this, meaning everyone, including millennials are naturally more engaged.


Or perhaps it’s just the millions of fantastic political memes floating around the internet – who knows? But what I do know is that we, as a generation, need to keep it up and have our voices heard, regardless of who we’re voting for.

Well done millennials – we did good!







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What does the future hold for the bloggersphere?



I’m an avid reader of blogs and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m subscribed to one too many YouTube channels, but I think it’s important for PR professionals to do their research (that’s my excuse anyway!).


I think bloggers are important to brands that want to reach their audience across various channels and with multiple voices, and one of the most influential and effective voices are those that sound like our own - often coming in the form of bloggers.


You may remember the Fashion Week ‘blogger bashing’ from the editors at Vogue last year, and other disgruntled journalists that don’t appreciate the success of the social media stars. But these days the negative comments are coming from within the community – and I don’t think this is helping anyone.


In May, Sarah Ashcroft, an Instagram star with a social media reach of more than 1 million, launched a line with Manchester based fashion brand, InTheStyleUK, a fitting collaboration in my opinion.


However following an interview with Cosmopolitan to promote the launch, titled ‘How I turned Instagram into a money-making business’ the blogger faced a huge amount of backlash on social media, caused by some of the statements she made including: “My followers are so engaged with me that whatever I wear, they will go and buy it – which makes it such a big money earner.”


But isn’t that the point of being an influencer? Influencing actions of the consumer? Of course it could have been worded better, but if bloggers continue to bring other bloggers down about their success, it could have an effect on the success of them all.


She also went on to say “If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think there’s any space for more bloggers in the industry – everyone is one these days. It’s ridiculous’. This is where I disagree, I think there is always room for more creatives, because everyone is different. It’s no different to any other industry, whether that be photography, medicine, journalism or PR, there is always going to be competition and as long as you work hard, there will always be the opportunity to make it. 


So I say, enough of the negativity, bloggers should uplift each other and bring back the community spirit.




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