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20 Days at Refresh PR

What a lively atmosphere it’s been both inside and outside Refresh’s doors so far in June! Manchester Day, the Parklife festival and Jubilee celebrations seem to have rubbed off in the office. We’ve had lots of great coverage for our clients, a new office and a new addition to the team.

The first day of the month was spent updating our social media sites with new exposure for the clients. One of the pieces was my first piece magazine coverage - ‘the first of many’ so I was told. Obviously, I celebrated this gracefully by getting copies for all of my family and friends.

Moving offices meant a new project, finding stylish office décor to make the new room more comfortable. Surfing the net and shopping was another part of PR I’d not considered. It’s dawning on me that a career in Public Relations is extremely multi-faceted, to say the least.

In a morning I can be finding funky furniture for break out areas and in the afternoon I might be working on trade PR. Experience like this really gives an opportunity to develop knowledge of weaknesses and strengths, likes and dislikes, which you just don’t get sat in a lecture hall!

Whatever will be next at Refresh HQ?


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