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Second awards shortlist of 2019 for Refresh PR

The Refresh PR team has been celebrating this week, not only because it’s a four-day week, but also because we have been shortlisted for both the entries we submitted into this year’s Prolific North Awards. The awards celebrate excellence and recognise and reward outstanding campaigns and exceptional talent in the creative and media industries across the North of England.


Both Eurocell’s Future Homes campaign and the Heating Installer Awards campaign have been shortlisted for B2B PR Campaign of the Year 2019, vying against not only each other but also against six other outstanding campaigns led by top PR agencies.


The Eurocell Future Homes campaign is a research-based thought-leadership campaign. With over 600 downloads of a whitepaper, 1,400 visits to the campaign landing page and over 30 pieces of coverage in target, highly specialist media, the campaign has met and exceeded its objectives and KPIs.


The Heating Installer Awards, which Refresh PR owns, is an award scheme designed to celebrate quality heating installers across the UK. Every year it gets bigger and better and it is something we are incredibly proud of. We’re currently in our fourth year of the awards, and we are at a crucial and exciting time, with this year’s winner set to be announced in early May.


Congratulations to all those shortlisted for the Prolific North Awards, we look forward to catching up with you at the awards ceremony on 23rd May!



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Refresh PR's tech team is boosted with three new client wins

We can finally announce that we have secured three more tech clients - Digitonic, ELLO Media and Manchester Digital – to add to our growing roster of clients which require the skills of a specialist digital PR agency. 


Digitonic, the smart mobile marketing specialist, creates conversational mobile experiences that help businesses acquire and retain customers using its proprietary technology. ELLO Media, powered by The Dining Club Group, is the B2B marketing agency which creates bespoke and tangible loyalty solutions for the UK’s biggest and brightest businesses. Manchester Digital is the independent trade association for digital business in the North West of England.   

 Refresh PR's tech team

Our established tech team has expanded with the introduction of three more members in the past six months. All have arrived at Refresh PR with unique experience in the tech sector, helping us to become perfectly placed to grow our existing client base, service our new clients and become further embedded into the dynamic tech and digital community.


Our team works with tech clients across the spectrum including agencies, established tech brands in all sectors, and start-ups. We offer a broad range of PR services but specialise in three core areas: awareness raising of the company, brand and its technology through clever content strategies; business development lead generation strategies; and PR strategies that work hand-in-hand with SEO teams to boost search rankings. 


Refresh PR’s MD Laura Mashiter said: “The exciting developments that are taking place in the tech sector, generated by companies based here in Manchester, across the North West and throughout the UK, are consistently reshaping the way in which we live and work. For PR agencies, it’s a fantastic community to be part of, enabling us to deliver new ways of undertaking PR activity to match our clients’ innovations. It’s a really forward-thinking sector that the team really thrives off working in.


“Our tech PR offering was established several years ago and we’ve been able to harness the skills we’ve learned, which started with PR backlink building campaigns, to support clients outside of the tech space too. It means that this is an essential element of most client’s strategies now, whether in the built environment, food and drink or retail sectors, helping us to demonstrate clear ROI with our campaigns.”


Refresh PR was named the CIPR North West PRide Awards Outstanding Small Agency 2017 and also won the Best Business and Corporate Communications Campaign 2017.





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Work life balance in the PR sector: It does and should exist

I’m sure everyone who works in PR agencies has read the (sometimes amusing, sometimes relatable) articles which poke fun at the work life balance found in the agency world.


So, in an industry that is renowned for its lack of work life balance and a time where the internet means people can arguably never switch off, how does the team at Refresh manage work, relationships, hobbies, downtime and all other parts of life? I’ve pulled together what I believe are the top three things to be mindful of when trying to achieve what you believe to be your optimum work life balance.


Stay organised

In PR you are going to be pulled in at least ten different directions every single day. Being organised means that whilst it’s important to be flexible, you are always aware of what needed to be done to begin with and can return to it after being pulled away. It also means you can set realistic goals and expectations, allowing others to plan their time and therefore helping their work life balance too.


Be present

Although this may sound simple it can be a tricky skill to master. One of our account directors is a strong advocate for the discipline of yoga which definitely helps with this one! But in the work place this can be small changes such as switching your emails off for an hour to truly get into a piece of work or switching your phone off so no social media notifications can distract you. Being present whilst you are at work means that you’re more likely to get everything done and therefore you can enjoy your time out of work too. To summarise, being present means that you are essentially being more efficient and can therefore be present at home too, rather than continuously merging the two.


Take time to (excuse the pun) refresh yourself

At Refresh PR we all love a holiday. A month rarely goes by where someone isn’t jetting off for a week on the slopes, a weekend in an exciting city or some well-deserved tanning time in the sun. But taking a break to reenergise yourself doesn’t always have to be a luxury holiday. As an example, our most recent social to celebrate the end of the 2018/19 financial year took place on a Tuesday night. We went to Total Ninja in Trafford and then for a delicious Nando’s after. Whilst the evening may have caused physical aches and pains for a week, an evening to focus on nothing but succeeding at the next obstacle course and then what to order for tea, left everyone feeling refreshed and raring to go the next morning.


Work life balance can be hard to find, especially within PR agencies, but it’s important to help us avoid burnout and to make sure we come into work feeling refreshed!



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Trust and tech should go hand in hand: some thoughts following Cambridge Analytica whistleblower’s keynote at IP Expo

It was standing room only yesterday at Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower, Christopher Wiley’s, opening keynote at Manchester’s IP Expo. With hundreds of us watching through screens in overspill theatres, the attention the scandal is still attracting, over a year on, was apparent.


Christopher told the story which many of us know well, but it seemed more powerful hearing it directly from the horse’s mouth. At the centre of the scandal, farming the data of tens of millions of people – many of which without their consent – and then using this data to sway political campaigns and create online echo-chambers is clearly unethical. Yet it’s still happening and will continue to happen if businesses and governments allow it to.  


We’ve seen the revolt against tech giants start to pick up pace over the past few months, with the term ‘digital gangsters’ coming up again and again as a descriptor for these companies, so with cyberspace controlled by a small number of tech giants, is it time for tighter regulation of this? Christopher Wylie thought so, with one of his main points being that the internet is probably the only sector that doesn’t have to play by the rules like others do. Aviation firms need to prove that their new aircrafts work, and drug companies have to put each product through clinical trials – but what about tech companies / the internet? No such rules. This, when you consider that the internet is becoming increasingly difficult to manage without, is problematic.


That’s not to say that this won’t change in the future. The Cambridge Analytic scandal was a significant milestone in encouraging mass public discussion and debate on ethical standards for internet firms, social media companies, political organisations and politicians. Already we’ve seen calls for greater online protection and the right to privacy, as well as curbs on the spread of disinformation and fake news.


However, with China currently testing out a social scoring system, and major train stations and airports now testing biometrics like facial recognition, this wasn’t the first major scandal in information warfare, and it absolutely won’t be the last.


Tech giants now need to work even harder to win back that trust that has been eroded away with each scandal they have faced. Trust in tech companies is something I’ve spoken about before; it’s at an all-time low and won’t be easy to win back. To start with, I’d personally like to see:

 - Tech giants being accountable and owning up to mistakes – for real, in a way that doesn’t just feel obligatory

 - Firms using their power to create tech for good – it is being done but we need more of it! Consumers and businesses need to feel inspired and positive by tech and the opportunities it can afford

 - Being more transparent with users and losing the pages long T&Cs that most people HAVE to click anyway to simply use a webpage – instead, explaining these things in a simpler manner

 - Generally, do more to avoid unethical stuff happening – farming data without consent, allowing videos of mass murders to be live streamed on their platforms, enabling the inciting of hatred - full stop!


Regaining consumer trust won’t be easy, but with enough effort, could be done. I - as I’m sure anyone operating in the tech sector or with a vague interest in the matter will - will be following closely over the coming years. Technology has the potential to revolutionise how we work, live and play, but it can also be a very scary space.  




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