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Chris Moyles and ‘Radio 1s Longest Show Ever’ Rocks!

Chris Moyles certainly polarises opinion. Personally, I love him for his honest, straight talking approach to life, but I found out during a meeting today that others are definitely not so keen.  Love him or loathe him, you can’t deny the contribution he’s made to charity over the past few years, using his celeb status to amazing effect and raising massive amounts of money for Comic Relief.  The past week has continued this trend with the DJ attempting to break a world record with 'Radio 1s Longest Show Ever’.


Particularly interesting for us PRs is the media campaign that the Comic Relief and BBC teams have executed with the DJ over the past couple of days alone.  Spanning TV (ITV1’s This Morning did a live link up on day 2), the red button (genius), radio (obviously), the homepage and social media, the campaign didn’t stop there.  In my daily scan of the newspapers I found myself engrossed in a Daily Mirror interview with Moyles which ran the day the show started and provided the paper with a relevant angle - his love life - on which to bring in details of the charity show.


Throughout the day today, ‘Radio 1s Longest Show Ever’ has been grabbing the headlines.  On Fearne Cotton’s morning show the charity show was trending on twitter worldwide – that’s a fair achievement.  It’s been trending top of the UK list all day too.  #r1moremoyles is the hashtag to be associated with, moving so fast up tweetdeck it’s hard to read all the messages of support.


How a radio show hasn’t broadcast like this using the red button before is a wonder – it’s addictive viewing on a par with the first time we all tuned in to a brand new show called Big Brother.  Could this be the start of a new direction for radio (perhaps opening the door for the lovely Product Placement logo to appear on the red button soon too!)?  We think so – how can the BBC can go back to simple audio content for The Chris Moyles Show from now on?  What I’m more happy about is that DJ Chris seems to have found his TV niche too – for some reason his TV attempts so far, including the Chris Moyles Quiz Night, haven’t quite hit the spot even though all his fans (including me) were willing him on.  But this certainly has – more please!


To top it all off, Chris and Comedy Dave are aiming to break a world record, putting them and Comic Relief in the record books for years to come to leave a legacy and provide longevity to the campaign too.  All in all, a PR’s dream.  Oh, and did I mention they have raised £700k so far for Comic Relief too?  Congratulations to everyone involved, and all the best for the coming hours – we’ve donated (just text CHRIS to 70011) and we hope many more people will too.





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