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Account Executives - a new challenge is here

Do you want to join a multi-award winning, fast-growing PR agency located in the heart of Manchester city centre? Then don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to take the next step in your career.


At Refresh PR we pride ourselves on our ability to get under the skin of our clients’ business giving honest, bold advice and delivering fresh and inspired ideas with consistent results.


A sociable bunch, we’re proud to be a fun, friendly team with a passion for PR and a craving for creativity. We also look after our team members, with consistent mentoring and training to help them achieve their own PR goals and ambitions.


We are looking for an equally passionate, dedicated and creative person who will relish the chance to join the team as our new account executive working across a range of consumer and B2B accounts. From cutting-edge business start-ups to national companies across both public and private sectors, this role will offer invaluable career development through its increased responsibility and accountability.



·       Preparing sector specific copy for both consumer and trade press

·       Media management - including developing and maintaining great relationships with journalists to secure the best possible coverage for our clients

·       Working closely with account managers to ensure clients’ activity is delivered on time, and more importantly, great results are achieved

·       Helping to manage social media accounts across a variety of platforms - including supporting the running of the agency’s social media channels

·       Preparing for client meetings - including evaluating results and presenting coverage

·       Helping to prepare for new business pitches

·       Regularly reading up on clients’ industries and the PR industry

·       Mentoring – as soon as you’re ready you’ll become a mentor so you can offer advice to a junior team member


What we can offer you:

·       Highly competitive salary and pension

·       A generous holiday package of 25 days plus bank holidays

·       A more social and flexible approach to working hours

·       Your own mentor and structured training package to help you achieve your ambitions

·       End of year bonus

·       The opportunity to broaden your PR knowledge and skills

·       The unique opportunity of being able to provide input in to the direction of a growing business

·       On-going training alongside experienced PR practitioners

·       Regular client and team social events

·       Working in a fantastic location in the Northern Quarter with friendly, like-minded people who really enjoy what they do


To apply, send your CV to







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Rose Tinted Glasses

I’m proud to consider myself an ‘Equalist’. I choose not to focus too heavily on gender disparities, and instead quietly celebrate the wins – fair treatment of men and women, which believe it or not, does happen and quite often. I do so because, in a lot of cases, gender stereotypes and instances of sexism are quite hard to scientifically prove. Men aren’t always stronger than women. Women are actually quite good drivers. Etc.

But at the moment, something is troubling me. It’s the ongoing discussion of the Pink Tax, which, if you’ve not heard of yet, is described as the ‘inexplicable’ mark-up in pricing which sees women paying a premium on the same products as men.

A petition has been launched following a recent investigation that found the average difference in price between men and women’s products – things like razors, shower gel, and t-shirts (i.e. things we all need whether we’re a Sam or a Samantha) – is 36 per cent. The petition has received over 41,000 signatures from people calling on stores that participate in this practice to stop in their tracks and treat us all fairly when it comes to the products we buy – and need, to live a healthy life.

Because of its time in the spotlight, discussions on the Pink Tax reached Parliament earlier this month.

Pre-blog research, the words ‘Pink Tax’ filled me with dread; it’s the typical phrasing intended to raise awareness of equality, but which eventually becomes as demonised as equality itself. However, after doing some reading round into several social experiments – articles from journalists armed with shopping baskets heading out en-mass to their nearest shopping centre to investigate price differences – it appears the Pink Tax might be an actual thing. And it’s worrying.

The prime culprit, and the basis of the 41,000 strong petition, is Boots. A look at its Gillette razors sees a pack of 10 men’s disposable razors come in at £4.25 (40p each), while a women’s pack of just four disposable razors comes in at £4 – a whopping £1 each. Imagine paying for 10! It doesn’t stop there. Boots appears to up-price everything from its eye creams and moisturisers, to its deodorants and shower gels, if they’re packaged and marketed with a female buyer in mind.

But Boots is not alone, it seems. Topshop – or Topman, whatever takes your fancy – is selling the same plain, white T-shirt for both men and women, with the female, shaped version at a 50 per cent higher price point. You could argue the women’s version takes longer to create due to its shaping. But another would argue that only results in using less material.

Argos is selling children’s scooters in blue and pink – identical, apart only for the colour and price, for the pink toy comes in at £5 more expensive. Don’t bring the kiddies into this!

Boots has insisted on Facebook: "Our products are priced individually, based on factors including formulation, ingredients, and market comparison." That’s basically a claim that women’s products always have that added extra, a little something special, which requires a higher price point that shouldn’t be questioned.

I for one would be particularly happy to just own a razor that works, and pay a reasonable price for it – I don’t need it to be sparkly, with a soothing, aromatic gel pad to make me feel like a woman. Similarly, I don’t need a shampoo packed with gold leaf extract and smelling like papaya to have clean hair. I just want clean hair. And so does my fiancée. But I’ll be damned if he pays less than me for the luxury.

Every now and then, the world has five minutes where it goes truly barmy. The Pink Tax is one of these moments, and it’s going to take time to resolve, unfortunately. Whether you’re a woman, or a man who loves woman – be it your mum, sister, girlfriend, wife, friend or whoever – you’ll surely agree this isn’t fair. Sign the petition, then come join me in the equality camp where we all get along.

Until the issue is resolved, you’ll find me in the men’s toiletry section. Or the £1 shop, because as far as I know, this is one place that certainly can’t get away with this.



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Joe Wicks: The lean, mean, Instagram machine

I have a bit of an obsession with Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, and no – it’s not for the reasons you think. The personal trainer – who encourages people to rethink how they train and eat to get into shape – has racked up a staggering 758,000 Instagram followers. And as his fame has been growing – both on and offline – so too has his success. Not only have 100,000 people signed up to his 90 Day Shift, Shape and Sustain (SSS) Plan, but his new cook book Lean in 15 has become the fastest selling book ever released by a chef and he was also named one of “Britain’s 500 most influential people” by the Sunday Times.  


So how has Joe used Instagram to help fuel his success and build up an online community of loyal fans and customers?


1. Video

Joe’s regular features on his Instagram feed include his quirky #Leanin15 videos, where he reveals a quick and simple video of a healthy recipe which takes just 15 minutes to create, and example videos of his HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts. There are a multitude of stats out there to illustrate just how effective video can be in marketing and it’s estimated that 74 per cent of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video in 2017. Joe’s videos are short, quirky and informative – just what people want from online videos.


2. Tone of voice

Midget trees, prepping like a boss, the sad step, bosh, GUILTEEEE are all words and phrases commonly used by Joe and his fans alike. His humorous language shows his personality, makes health and fitness fun, and sets him apart from the thousands of other fitness and food bloggers. I have a sneaky suspicion that due to Joe’s increasingly busy schedule he may not upload all of his Instagram content himself (sorry if I’m mistaken though Joe!) but it doesn’t matter if he’s got a team supporting him – and you probably wouldn’t even notice. Thanks to Joe’s distinct tone of voice, along with the familiar types of content, everything on his feed is very on brand and in line with what his thousands of followers have grown to love and expect.



3. User generated content and community engagement

Joe’s main aim is to get people fit and healthy, and nothing shows this more than the transformation pictures he posts of customers who are doing or have completed the 90 day SSS plan. Along with the ‘before and after’ comparison photos, Joe includes a quote from the customer about how they have found the fitness and eating schedule. Not only is it a great advert for the plan (the transformations are amazing – where do I sign up?!) but it’s a fantastic way to engage with people. As well as getting a personal ‘well done’ from Joe, the users whose photos are posted will receive words of encouragement from his followers too. It’s a really positive experience for those involved and a great way to encourage people to be an active part of Joe’s gang.  


The Body Coach Instagram account has been a firm favourite of mine for a while now - it’s inspiring, informative and inclusive. With a good understanding of how to use the tools available, consistent messaging and effective community engagement, Joe has been able to create and build his brand which is now recognisable all over the world. So sit up, take note and get your own Instagram account in shape!








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