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Facebook Timeline for brands - the countdown is on!

Facebook currently boasts more than 800 million active users and almost 3.5 million brand pages - pretty impressive hey! Today Facebook revealed several updates regarding Facebook Timeline. Now, unless you have been walking round with your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears for the last couple of months, it has been pretty hard to avoid the discussions about Facebook Timeline.

Most of us will be familiar with Timeline on our own profiles but what will the change mean for brands? Timeline for brands offers new options for self-expression. Brands have the opportunity to showcase stunning photographs and videos and really grab attention - the saying ‘A picture paints a thousand words’ rings true.


Timeline for brands offers new options for self- expression, check out the pages below - a ‘how they might look’ from mashable:

Mashable and Facebook Brands image

The main profile picture across the top (cover photo) can bring a distinctive edge to a page and can be changed whenever you so wish. Timeline also allows a brand to feature a story for up to a week at the top of the page by ‘pinning’ it to the page. Administrators can access a log detailing page activity which includes tools to easily highlight, hide or delete posts and change the date of posts.


Timeline enables brands to have more meaningful interactions with social audiences which is key. For example Nike, and its Nike+ technology, gives an insight into when people are running and where they are running. Nike can then share running courses with fans in their home town/city or even recommend places nearby for a recharge post-run.


It’s now more important than ever before to seed relevant newsworthy content to fans, after all the whole point of Facebook for brands is to encourage customers to engage, share content and interact with a brand, isn’t it? Only time will tell what it really means for brands, we’ll be sure to keep a close eye on all the developments!


Check out some brands that are already up and running with the new Timeline, our recommendations are Manchester City, Red Bull, Louis Vuitton and Radio 1.


I personally love the new lay out, it’s more creative – it reminds me of a blog-style layout - plus it’s interesting and for brands on Facebook I think it is opening up a completely new and creative way of engaging with fans.


Sources; Mashable, Forbes .com

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Caught on Camera – Dispelling the PVC-U myths with Spectus

Building Products Magazine visited Spectus Window Systems earlier this week for a day’s worth of filming.  As a result, two videos will be prodBuilding Products films at Spectus Window Systemsuced and will be uploaded onto and - they make for interesting reading for specifiers and architects throughout the UK.  

 Building Products films at UHSM in Wythenshawe

The filming took place as a result of a survey which ran in January in Building Products.  Spectus, keen to start dispelling the myths surrounding PVC-U as a building material choice for doors and windows, undertook research with the magazine’s readers.  With hundreds of replies, responses gathered from professionals who have been in the industry for years were analysed.  The findings will be revealed later on this month via the online videos and also at EcoBuild.


We'd like to say a big thank you to Declan and the team at The University of South Manchester (UHSM) who let us film on site at very short notice!


Refresh PR developed the campaign to run alongside the existing PR calendar of activity.  So far it’s really helped to bang the drum for the case for specifying PVC-U, and we’re not planning to stop now.  We’re going to make the momentum continue so watch this space!


To view the video visit or soon

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