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An Insight into Refresh PR...

Gorkana is a very important service to PR agencies in London, Manchester and the rest of the country!  The guys over there interviewed Refresh PR recently and they've put the article live today...have a read for a bit more of an insight into Refresh PR!

Published: Friday, 29 October 2010, 08:24am


Behind the Headlines with Laura Mashiter and Nicola Duncan

Laura Mashiter and Nicola Duncan, co-founders of Refresh PR, the agency they launched last month, on why PR is THE industry to be in.Laura Mashiter and Nicola Duncan from Refresh PR

The thing that gets me up in the morning is...
Both: Refresh PR and knowing that we're on an exciting journey having just launched. There are so many opportunities out there!
What made me want to get into PR was...
Nicola (pictured right): I actually fell into it having spent the start of my career in marketing. When I came over to the UK 15 years ago, there was a job going at Lyons Waddell [PR] and I was pretty keen to find out if in fact they did!
Laura (pictured left): Had to think back a bit to answer this one. Answering honestly, it was how exciting and glam it seemed. Getting into PR meant I could write, be creative and see my ideas come to life - plus attend some pretty amazing events.
If I could change one thing about the industry it would be...
Nicola: Its reputation of being full of fluffy champagne quaffers. It is actually hard work.
Laura: Getting companies to work together more. There are so many agency owners who view other companies as threats that must be beaten at all costs, and it doesn't always need to be this way. Ultimately clients thank you for bringing added expertise to the table.
My greatest inspiration is...
Nicola: Too cheesy to share!
Laura: Our business mentor, Mark Bateson. He's worked so hard all his life to get to where he is. I told him once when I was little that I would buy his gorgeous house off him. He still reminds me of this to this day...and I cringe.
The three things I demand in my colleagues...
Both: Hard work, enthusiasm, common sense and honesty (sorry, that's four, and we're not really that demanding).
The characteristic I most dislike in people is...
Nicola: Arrogance.
Laura: The opposite of everything we mentioned in the last question.
I laugh most at...
Nicola: Crazy days at an ex-agency. You could have sworn that Ab Fab was based around this company. And no, I'm not going to say which one it is.
Laura: TV programmes such as The InBetweeners and An Idiot Abroad, and characters like Ari Gold in Entourage. Plus I laugh a lot with my friends, and usually at myself too.
The PR figure I most admire is...
Nicola: An ex-boss in the south who runs one of the most successful, independently-owned businesses.
Laura: Nicola Duncan (pay me later).
The one website I always check is...
Nicola: The Times.
Laura: Twitter - it's the easiest way for me to get all the daily news as soon as I wake up, breaking there before anywhere else.
The most interesting fact about me is...
Nicola: I'm a closet MotoGP and F1 fan.
Laura: There are a lot of people with my surname in Morecambe where I grew up. Strangely it's not that unusual or hilarious there, and my dad's quite proud of it! However, I will choose my future husband with care.
My daily newspaper of choice is...
Nicola: The Times.
Laura: Nationally it is The Times, but locally the Manchester Evening News is a key read for me each day.
The finest moment in my career so far is...
Both: Launching Refresh PR of course!
My most embarrassing moment was...
Nicola: Hmm, where on earth do I start? Saying "oh hello" to Rick Stein and Heston Blumenthal at an event as if they were my friends, only to have them look twice at me and then smile to humour me? Or was it the time many years ago when I was waitressing and, in a bid to stop myself dropping a full tray on some diners, I grabbed the man's leg? I think you get the message!!
Laura: We can only choose one?? I have very embarrassing moments daily - ask anyone who knows me. Probably the time I got sea sick while shark diving in South Africa and threw up over our very sexy diving instructor's head while a great white was metres away. But there are many, many more.
I've got a secret...
Nicola: And that's the way it's going to stay.
Laura: Not a chance I'm answering this one!
If I won the Euromillions I would...
Nicola: Invest heavily into the home my dad is trying to run on very little budget for disabled kids in South Africa, and I'd make sure I booked a fab family holiday with all the trimmings for my dad, sister, mum and my brother's family. The last time we were all together was at my 21st.
Laura: Take my time exploring and travelling round South America, then start on the rest of the world.
The next big thing in social media will be...
Nicola: The developments that are stemming from the new technology launching almost weekly. It's moving so fast and we're keeping a close eye on it all
Laura: More development of Facebook Places. Geo-location marketing is still relatively untapped and there's a lot of potential.
In five years time PR will be...
Nicola: In the top three priorities of every company as it can be so powerful in terms of results when executed correctly
Laura: Thriving. With the number of new start ups, the constant evolution and the mass of talent out there, it will be THE industry to be in.


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Alexandra Worsley wins National Award

Refresh PR got some fantastic news over the weekend - Alexandra Worsley Health & Wellbeing ( won a prestigious national award which was presented to the team on Saturday 23rd October at a ceremony in London.  Beating off competition from all over the UK, and from many well established businesses, the team walked away with the CAM Clinic of the Year 2010.

CAM Expo is an annual event where complementary healthcare professionals in the UK come together at Earls Court in London.  Each year there are major industry awards attached to the exhibition which are judged by a group of industry professionals.  The Clinic of the Year award is regarded as ultimate recognition that can be bestowed on a clinic that has made a truly outstanding contribution to the complementary and natural therapy industry.   Refresh helped by drafting the award entry and then submitting it with fabulous photos taken of the luxurious therapy rooms.
This is the second award that the store has been nominated for this year.  In the summer Alexandra Worsley Health & Wellbeing finished as runner up in the National Association of Health Stores awards, only beaten by a business which has been trading for more than 20 years. 

Well done to the whole team over there, who thoroughly deserve this win!!  Having worked with the team over the past six months, it is so easy to see how everyone is so passionate about making the store work for all its customers.  It is unique, vibrant and stylish - and people from all over South Manchester will agree when we say that we hope you all celebrate in style.

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National journalists love our new client

Recently Refresh PR had a great day walking around London - in our heels! - meeting with the national journalists and telling them all about the Modern Herbals brand Syno Vital. 


This fantastic 'miracle molecule' works to maintain soft, young looking skin, healthy joints and eyes.  It is really good, in fact it's one of the most hydrophilic molecules and described as 'nature's moisturiser'. 


With all the news in the press at the moment about Botox and the cowboys out there administering it incorrectly, knowing that you can simply add a sachet of Syno-Vital Hyaluronan to a glass of water each morning to help smooth wrinkles and sagging skin that naturally comes with age is definitely something to seriously consider.


Syno-Vital is natural and easy to take - it's a proven anti-ageing treatment used by celebs who don't want painful injections in their faces every six months.  And with lots of special offers on a month's supply, it won't dent your bank balance like Botox!  We're off to treat my sore feet now!

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Try Alternative Therapies for Osteoporosis

Refresh PR's new client wrote a good blog about World Osteoporosis Day (today) - and we thought we'd share it with you in case it can be of help to anyone you know. 

Try Alternative Therapies for Osteoporosis

Wednesday 20th October marks World Osteoporosis Day, a day dedicated to informing and educating the public about a disease which affects a massive one in two women and one in five men over the age of 50 in the UK.

These people will, at some stage, fracture a bone mainly as a result of osteoporosis and yet the cause of the disease is still not completely understood.

Osteoporosis literally means 'porous bones' and is often referred to as the 'fragile bone disease' - those with the condition are often unaware they have fragile bones until they first fracture one.  It is imperative that people with the symptoms of osteoporosis obtain and then follow medical advice immediately.  However sufferers who have been diagnosed have discovered other ways in which the symptoms can be relieved, so here is our guide to easy and alternative treatments to try:

  • Increase your exercise regime, particularly walking.  Not only is this good for your body in general, it also helps to build up the muscle supporting the bones and helps circulation too
  • An adult should take in 700mg of Calcium a day, however for Osteoporosis suffers this increases to 1200mg.  Ensure your diet is filled with Calcium-rich foods such as milk, certain types of fish and wholemeal bread - even boiled spinach makes the list
  • Supplement your diet with both Calcium and Magnesium tablets - it may sound simple but we all know bones are strengthened by these and something as simple as taking a supplement once a day could really help
  • Get some sunshine as Vitamin D helps our bones from drying out.  If that's not possible, as Winter approaches try a simple Vitamin D supplement
  • Eat a balanced diet to ensure you get as many nutrients as possible at meal times.  Cut down on proteins such as meat and cheese as these make body acids which drain the body of calcium and weaken the bones
  • Take Syno-Vital Hyaluronan - a sachet a day in a glass of water can help retain the moisture in the collagen within our bones, preventing them drying out

For more advice, visit the National Osteoporosis Society at or email the team at

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