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Refresh PR makes the cut for Gourmet Meat Club

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        has appointed Refresh PR to lead a new campaign to raise awareness of its membership based meat delivery service.


Here at Refresh, we have been tasked with increasing awareness of the e-commerce brand, while also building its SEO, via a hard-working back link campaign, using in-depth consumer research and targeted media relations.


Using an in-depth survey of the UK’s meat eating habits, we will explore a number of different themes to generate media coverage in a range of online and print titles. The research will allow us to develop relevant content for a number of different titles, ultimately driving customers back to the Gourmet Meat Club website and raise awareness of the brand.


We will be continuing our commitment to collaboration by working alongside Manchester based creative agency, Modern English, to enhance the brand’s digital offering, ensuring the new website, which launches in June, offers users a seamless customer journey.


We are delighted Gourmet Meat Club has given us the opportunity to work alongside Modern English in order to raise brand awareness and improve the customers’ online shopping experiences.



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